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Some of the original atmosphere of its rural heritage has been preserved in this peaceful community of Wyckoff.  In searching Wyckoff real estate, you'll find traditional colonial architecture, a scattering of historic farmhouses, generous size properties, and a large selection of newer homes.  All this makes Wyckoff a pleasant community in which to live. There is a total of five Wyckoff public schools. High School students attend Ramapo-Indian Hills Regional High School. The township's recreational program, provides year-round family activity for the active family. Soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, plus a full summer program are all well attended with participation increasing each year. Both children and adults enjoy free facilities at the Wyckoff Memorial Library. Local and nearby shopping provide the neighborhood with diverse selections. Wyckoff residents also enjoy the unique County Wildlife Center, the interesting historic Zabriskie house and the Zabriskie Pond for winter skating. Recent renovations have made the Wyckoff Family YMCA a state-of-the art facility.  All of these amenities give Wyckoff residents a high regard for their community.



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